Support for the people of Smangus by Dr. Jon Corbett

I first visited Smangus in 2005. Rarely in my travels have I encountered such hospitable, warm and generous people. I remember with great joy evenings by the fire eating crushed millet and wild honey, singing songs and laughing together.

To hear about their current predicament deeply concerns me. I would like to offer my support for the Smangus people in battling the apparent injustice of this incident.

I urgently call upon the Taiwanese government to reconsider their hasty actions in the manner in which they are treating the people of Smangus. It is the culture, spirit and hope embodied in these people (as well as members of all 12 Indigenous Tribes throughout the island) that contribute to making Taiwan such a diverse and resilient state. Please do not undermine this for the sake of bureaucratic rhetoric.

Jon Corbett, PhD.

Assistant ProfessorCommunity,
Culture and Global Studies,
University of British Columbia-Okanagan,3333
University Way,Kelowna,
B.C., Canada, V1Y 6A2