Confrontation with the Bureau of Forestry

The day to present the petitions, April 24th, 2007

On April 24th, 2007, the Smangus went out to protest, presenting our five major petitions as below:

Five Major Petitions

1.The Forestry Bureau shall apologize for stigmatizing Smangus with charges of larceny.

2. The Forestry Bureau shall clarify the truth and bring the corrections to the court.

3. The Forestry Bureau shall agree to observe the Aboriginal Basic Law and respect our rights to our indigenous territory.

4. With regard to everything concerning the indigenous traditional territory, the Forestry Bureau shall discuss with the indigenous communities and villages for the management regulations.

5. The Forestry Bureau shall amend the law where the Forestry Act where it contradicts the Aboriginal Basic Law.
Arr. by Ruei-Ling Chen
Trans. by Yi-Ling Huang

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