Concerns for the Smangus people...

To whom it may concern:

I find it truly sad that such innocent people are being accused of a "crime" when they really did nothing wrong. What seems to be an act of burglary from your perspective should be further investigated and considered from another standpoint.

The Smangus people have been living on this land for a significant amount of years and have always acted as well-intentioned people and obeyed all of the laws. Unfortunately, they are now left helpless in a situation where they are observed as "thieves." The remains that were taken were a part of the aboriginal people's territory, which gives them the right to keep for traditional living needs (in respect to Section 4, Article 15 of the Forestry Act).

I feel that this situation is based on a biased perspective and will only prevail due to lies and false beliefs. These people should not be punished for their actions and have already proven innocence with the support of the Forestry Act. To accuse these people of something that so out of line is like disregarding several generations of significant aboriginal history. If these people are charged guilty, then I think its time to challenge the effectiveness of this legal system.

I hope that this case will be based on a fair judgment and that the Smangus people and Taiwan authorities can come to an understanding.

Thank you for your time.

Paul Bautista

Student of San Jose State University, California

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