The Proclamation made on April 24, 2007 in regard to the Smagus Beech Event

Written by Tayal Tribal Committee
Translated by Hsiao-Ching Sun and Shu-Chun Chang

Ginlhoyan Pspung Zyuwaw Tayal / Tayal Tribal Committee
Tayal has established Tayal Tribal Committee on December 10th, 2000. Tayal Tribal Committee strives for the fulfillment of tribal rights and autonomy, represents as the political entity of our tribal people, and exercises our tribal nature sovereignty in our tribal territory. Six hundreds of representatives from each Tayal villages assembled in Gogan Knyopan Tribe so called Luo-Fu Village, Fusing Township, Taoyuan County by national administration on Northern Cross-Island Highway, listened to Tayal Gaga, and declared that our tribal territory and lands would be handed down from our generations to generations. The upper course of Takoham River belongs to Mrqwang and Mknazi’s, which is part of our tribe’s traditional territory. Smangus belongs to Mrqwang’s the most upper course of river which is defined as Jian-Shih Township, Hsin-Chu County, Yufeng Village by The Republic of China Administration.

The Constitution of the Republic of China has established the regulation of indigenous rights according to their will to protect their rights. The Constitution of the Republic of China has enacted The Aboriginal Basic Law and according to the constitution, it admits the indigenous peoples’ rights of lands and natural resources.

Since the establishment of Republic of China, the Bureau of Forestry invades and destroys the ecological resources of indigenous forest, resulting in the contraction of the indigenous living space and the destruction of the communal culture rooted in the land. Originally we believed that the mistakes of former policies could be revised and improved in accordance with the political development towards democracy. However, the Bureau of Forestry nowadays still controls the natural resources belonging to the tribal land, makes the profit, and leaves the land wounded. What’s even worse, without viewing the issue from the indigenous standpoint, the Bureau of Forestry takes a step further and violates the living rights of the land-based indigene who are disadvantaged. The government ignores the existence of the law and the ethics of the administration.

Underneath is what Tayal Tribal Committee proclaims: Before the related laws and decrees have been legally adjusted and agreed upon by Mrqwang and all the local tribal men, our assembly considers the enforcement of the law by the Bureau of the Forestry illegal and ineffective. Tayal assembly refuses to admit its enactment and retains all the necessary measures to defend our community and our tribal men.

President: Masa Tawhuy

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