Support for smangus:Rebecca Thorp's letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to show my support for the Smangus people in their fight against the wrongful guilty conviction in the event involving the fallen beech tree. Section 4 Article 15 of the Forestry Act gives the rights to the resources in the traditional territories of the Smangus to the Smangus people. The beech tree that fell from typhoon Haitang was within their traditional territory and, in accordance with Section 4 Article 15 of the Forestry Act, lawfully allowed to be collected by the Smangus people. Convicting the members of the Smangus people of larceny for harvesting what was rightfully theirs is wrong. The Smangus are only asking for the Taiwanese government to follow the same laws they abide by and to enforce them properly. Instead of acknowledging the resource as legally obtained by the Smangus, your government has concluded that they are in violation of Article 52.

Please reconsider the judgment you have made against the members of the Smangus people. The fallen beech tree was a resource rightfully theirs and they have committed no act of larceny.


Rebecca Thorp

San Jose State University

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